#9: Bread and Circuses
October 7, 2018

Dear Readers – Two gladiators enter the arena. One a woman, and one a man. The colosseum is the great floor of the Senate. On the 27th of September, Dr. Ford and Hon. Kavanaugh, both battle weary from 10 days of media scrutiny and harassment of their families, gave accounts of a foggy event that happened 36 years ago in the summer of 1982, in the D.C. suburbs of Bethesda, Maryland. A stage is set for the turmoil within our own minds: man fights with woman, elitists with the middle class, Democrats against Republicans, delusions over the truth, passions over equanimity. Who wins, by stoking the fires of our inner turmoil? Who wins, when the public are sick and deluded with rage? Do we have a mob of loyal and angry consumers? Placating the pains of life with bread and alcohol, information and convenience? Bandaging these wounds, a glittering social media presence?

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