Balanced News
We aim to deliver balanced news, which means no grabby headlines or pop science. In the case that what we cover is tragic or emotional, we aim to address the emotional content in a calm, compassionate, and effective manner.
Straight from the Source
We go straight to the scientists, research journals, or pre-publication sources. In the case that we report on pre-published stories, we will indicate at what stage the research is being done, and do our best to couch potential errors in analysis.
All Sides
We cover all sides of the story, and do not seek to make villains or victims from our stories. We operate under the philosophy that every problem today was a solution yesterday, and work under the ideals of understanding, compassion, harmony, and reconciliation.
We are Human
If you believe that we have made an error or not followed the guidelines listed above, please send an email to the Editor-in-Chief, Olivia Jeffers.
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