#8: Joyfully With Displeasure
September 30, 2018

Dear Readers – Departing slightly from the history of King Milinda, I want to bring Buddhist philosophy forward, to the present moment. Right now, I feel grumpy and tired. Anxious about decisions that I’ve made. I do not want to see anybody. Why is this relevant? Because Buddhist philosophy is about observing reality as it is, not how we would like it to be. And that means, observing moments of displeasure. I noticed that Europeans seemed a bit more open about their bad moods, and so I decided to luxuriously enjoy my grumpiness. When two college students, whose banter I found annoying, asked where I came from, I grunted with one word “Bastia” and my mood spoke all the rest. It wasn’t mean, but it was grumpy. And they left me alone. And I was very happy, being grumpy. No longer forcing a good mood, I could already feel my exhaustion slipping away...

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