#7: … an unexpected pause
September 26, 2018

Dear Readers – Six days ago, I missed the only ferry leaving the island of Corsica for Italy. With a tight schedule, I jumped on the overnight to nearby France. Since then, I have been completely unable to connect – fully immersed in the dance between chaos and calm. I learned that in many places, free WiFi is not free. Often, desperate and confused travelers exchange their social media data for access to WiFi. For those like myself, without an EU mobile card, connection was nearly impossible. For the first time in my life, I deeply hungered for information. Unable to fully express my needs, I relied on the kindness of others, and practiced being radically open to the reality unfolding within and around me. I did manage to make it to Amsterdam on time, where I will be for the next two weeks. The newsletter will return to regular scheduling on Sunday :)

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