#2: Seeking Sanctuary
August 19, 2018

Dear Readers – I didn’t expect to find a bridge between my Chinese and Western heritage in the Christian faith. But it was there: the rosary and the mala beads, the abbeys and the monasteries, prayer and meditation. Throughout my secular and scientific upbringing, I’d turned up my nose to religion and spirituality. These were opiates for the masses: the throngs of people too weak, ignorant or unprivileged enough to understand the truth of science, secularism, and progress. I felt superior, sorry for them. And it was this seeking of superior perfection which knocked me to my knees. My rejection of myself and reality – my constant dissatisfaction – had reached a crisis, and I found myself seeking sanctuary. With nowhere to go, and little idea from what I was seeking sanctuary, I found myself on a spiritual journey to Thailand, sitting for ten days on a pillow, in silent meditation.

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