#10: Existential Equanimity
October 14, 2018

Dear Readers – Walking the line between Nietzschean existential angst, Buddhist equanimity, and Christian compassion can be an absurd exercise. By zooming in to the utmost, meaning is dissected into its smallest singular unit: meaninglessness. By zooming out to the utmost, patterns of endless suffering emerge. Combined, we are faced with an eternity of meaningless, endless suffering. No matter how many ways we try to think around it, the future feels bleak. Even thinking itself seems to be inherently, anxiety-provoking. So what can we do? Beyond thinking, are two other options: observation, and faith. Observing the vibrations of pleasure and pain, without amplifying them, eventually creates a space of equanimity. When we turn our faith away from our own thoughts and towards something Greater, space is created for compassion. None becomes one, becomes all. Amidst this, we might wonder, what and where am I? Can it all be part of one, absurd truth?

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