#1: Sunday Newsletter
August 12, 2018

Dear Readers – It’s been over a year since April 2017, when I last wandered toward your inboxes on a Sunday morning. Since then, I’ve been hard at work genuinely living the values that I have been espousing through Compassionate Technologies. I found that balancing ethics and finances, along with my own ego and curiosity, was much easier said than done – and I retreated to the sometimes murky trenches of daily, private life. There, I grappled with many hidden and slippery elements of myself – the undercurrent of religious thought in my secular and scientific upbringing, the insecurities and self doubts of being both a woman and a player in the public space, the push and pull between my own rational thoughts and powerful feelings. Through these experiences, I’m re-opening the Sunday newsletter. Simple and concise, I hope to convey my thoughts on ethics and technology in fewer than 150 words.

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