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Many of you have probably already heard of the badass critters that are becoming completely resistant to us humans’ modern-day medicine. I like to call them “Superbugs” (Not only because it is silly, but because that’s their official term). 

These guys are sick and tired of being eliminated with antibiotics. So what do we do when we’re frustrated with the situation we are in? We change it! And same goes for our good ol’ superbugs. Unfortunately humans can’t exactly zap something that doesn’t exist anymore because what once existed has now evolved. Instead, for the sake of humanity, we have to search for loop-holes.


Currently, I’m involved in a microbiology laboratory at Harvard Medical School working on figuring out how E. coli elongates to eventually divide. The reason my lab works with E. coli is because it is a simple bacteria: Divides quickly, gram negative, and has similar characteristics to bacteria that have already evolved.

Researching how E. coli grows and divides could be a critical component to the antibacterial resistance fight.

Or just another chapter to place in a college-level microbiology book. Although my lab, and many other labs, put forth effort to this fight, we still need help. For example, pharmaceutical companies only tend to focus on what makes the most profit. Let’s just say, it’s not antibiotics.

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